Tokyo Discoveries - Where the Locals Eat

Where the Locals Eat

Travel with World Nomads’ Miles Rowland on an eating adventure to Tateishi, a quaint alleyway-style marketplace on the outskirts of East Tokyo, Japan, serving down-to-earth food.
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Tokyo Discoveries - Deadly Delicacies

Deadly Delicacies

World Nomads' Miles Rowland hit the streets of Tokyo to experience sushi delivered with a high-tech twist, then put his life on the line to try the world-famous, deadly poisoned Fugu fish.
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Tokyo Discoveries - Cultural Surprises

Cultural Surprises

Travel with Miles Rowland from World Nomads to Tokyo, Japan where he visits a dildo bar, a doctor's examination room in a love hotel, a psychedelic café, and a restaurant staffed entirely by robots.
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Tokyo Discoveries - Robots and Tech

Robots and Tech

When it comes to technology, Japan is a world leader, particularly in its innovations with robots. Join Miles Rowland from World Nomads in Tokyo, where he comes face-to-face with a Japanese android.
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