Nepal Discoveries - Flavors and Food

Flavors and Food

Travel with Will McCloy from World Nomads as he enjoys the spices and flavors of Nepalese food, including the ubiquitous Dal Bhat, and learns the traditional way to cook water buffalo.
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Nepal Discoveries - Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

In Nepal, World Nomads’ Will McCloy attends a Nepalese wedding, and discovers two sides to the festivities; one part devoted to quiet, the other an explosion of noise and color.
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Nepal Discoveries - Kathmandu: Beauty and Chaos

Kathmandu: Beauty and Chaos

Travel with Will McCloy from World Nomads to the chaotic epicentre of Nepal, Kathmandu, where discovers that when it comes to the bustling city, there’s an abundance of beauty among the chaos.
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Nepal Discoveries - Religions in Harmony

Religions in Harmony

Join Will McCloy from World Nomads in Nepal where he discovers the rich blend of Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantrism - the diverse religions that form a part of everyday Nepalese life.
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