Italy Discoveries - Wine in their Veins

Wine in their Veins

Travel with World Nomads’ Sofia Levin to the Langhe & Roero region, in the northwest Italy, as she discovers rolling hills of vineyards, and indulges in amazing cheeses and wines.
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Italy Discoveries - From Terrace to Table

From Terrace to Table

Travel to the Italian Rivera with World Nomads’ Elena Valeriote as she discovers how agriculture has thrived in coastal Cinque Terre despite the rugged mountain landscape.
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Italy Discoveries - Two Fishermen Called Beppe

Two Fishermen Called Beppe

Join World Nomads’ Elena Valeriote as she travels to Italy and battles sea-sickness after taking to the rough waters off Italy's famed Cinque Terre coast.
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Italy Discoveries - At Home in Langhe

At Home in Langhe

Watch as World Nomads’ Sofia Levin shares her visual poem, At Home in Langhe, inspired by her culinary travels through the region of Langhe & Roero in northwest Italy.
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Italy Discoveries - Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Join Tri Phan Quoc from World Nomads as he travels to Italy where he meets with a local wine producer and explores the magical vineyards a wine-tasting journey.
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Italy Discoveries - Pasta Making

Pasta Making

Travel with World Nomads’ Tri Phan Quoc to Italy’s famous Emilia-Romagna region where he gets a lesson from local Maria on how to make fresh pasta from scratch.
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Italy Discoveries - A Cinque Terre Kitchen

A Cinque Terre Kitchen

Travel with World Nomads' Elena Valeriote to the cliffs of Cinque Terre in Italy, where she's invited into a local home, and battles the language barrier to learn age-old traditional cooking methods.
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