Positive Footprints - Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

There are few sights cuter than that of a baby turtle make its way across a beach to the ocean. On the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, conservationists and volunteers from The Sea Turtle Conservancy are working to save generations of sea turtles. F...
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Positive Footprints - Empowering Entrepreneurs in Tanzania

Empowering Entrepreneurs in Tanzania

In Tanzania, Anza is an organization working to improve the living conditions of local people by investing in local entrepreneurs and helping starts-ups and social enterprizes get off the ground. With Anza's help, a small pottery making clay water...
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Positive Footprints - Penguin Conservation in Patagonia

Penguin Conservation in Patagonia

Watch as World Nomads travels to Puerto Madryn, Patagonia to meet Argentinian marine biologist, Dr Pablo Garcia Borboroglu, to learn about the magallenic penguins of Patagonia.
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